Arthur Pendragon
Arthur Pendragon


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Shrek 3


King of Far Far Away


Far Far Away






King Harold (Uncle) - Queen Lillian (Aunt) - Princess Fiona (Niece)

Arthur Pendragon (better known as Artie) is a friend of Shrek and, together with Shrek, the only heir for the throne of Far Far Away.



Artie isn't very popular at his old school (Worcestershire). He was even bullied by two nerds!


First, Artie thinks he isn't right for being a king of Far Far Away, but eventually, he accepts and becomes the new king of Far Far Away.



Artie is the nephew of King Harold, Queen Lillian and Princess Fiona. He never really knew his father, because he dropped him at school and left.

Students of WorcestershireEdit

He kind of hates the students of his school, because they all look down on him, and bullie him. He is in love with a girl from school, named Gwen.



Artie can be a good fighter, when needed.



Artie likes rock music, which is known because he says: I'm building my kingdom on rock and roll!, when he leaves school.



Artie wears brown boots, a brown, very tight, pants, and a purple/red robe-like school uniform.


Artie has long, blonde hair.


Shrek 3Edit

Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots travel to Worcestershire, to find the next heir for the throne of Far Far Away.

Artie is not what they expected. First, Shrek and co. see two guys practicing. One is wearing a cap over his head. The other one attacks the cap-wearing guy and makes him fall off of his horse. Shrek thinks Artie is the one attacking, but is wrong. The attacker is called Lancelot, and says that Arthur is the other guy. When they tell him that he is gonna be king, Artie gives a speech for the entire school, and is then carried away by Shrek.

On the boat back to Far Far Away, Artie gets frightened of the big responsability of being a king, and wants to go back. Shrek and Artie begin to argue, and crash on an island. There, they find Merlin, who happens to be Artie's old magic teacher (until he got emotional issues). Artie convinces Merlin to help them, but Merlin will only help once they have taken the Journey to the Souls. After that, Shrek and Artie have a nice chat, and are friends again.

When they wake up, they are being attacked by Evil Trees, with Captain Hook as their leader. Captain Hook tells them that Far Far Away is being ruled by Prince Charming, and that Princess Fiona is in trouble. After convincing Merlin to help them get back, Merlin teleports them to Far Far Away.

Once back, Artie and the others almost get arrested, but Artie manages to save them. However, later on they do get caught. Artie is almost being killed by Charming, but Shrek lies to him, so he will let Artie go. Shrek told Charming that Artie was only there, because Shrek needed a fool to replace him. Artie is mad, and leaves. Not knowing that Shrek only said those things, because he needed to save Artie. Later, Puss and Donkey explain him everything, and Artie comes back and saves Shrek from being killed by Prince Charming.

Then Artie says to the villains, who were supporting Charming, that even if you are treated like a loser, a monster or a villain, that doesn't mean you are one. Then all the villains drop their weapons, and is Artie becoming the king of Far Far Away.


  • Artie is voiced by Justin Timberlake.