Madagascar Series

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Madagascar 1


Zuba (Father) - Florrie (Mother)

Alex is a lion who is now called Alakay, because that was his name before he came to the Central Park Zoo, and used to call himself King of New York.



As a little cub, Alex was named Alakay and was the son of the alpha lion, Zuba. Zuba wanted to teach him hunting, but Alakay didn't really care for that. During one of his lessons, Alakay was caught by humans, and brought to a ship. On that ship, Alakay's box fell off, and floated to New York, where people found him, and put him in the Zoo.

Central Park ZooEdit

Later, he was named Alex, and was enjoying his life in the Zoo. He also made some friends, who were other animals living in the Zoo (Gloria, Marty and Melman).



Alex meets his family when he is back in Africa. His father is Zuba, his mother's name is Florrie.

Guests Central Park ZooEdit

The guests of the Zoo really love Alex, as he is the most popular animal of the Zoo.

Other animal friendsEdit

Alex's best friends are Marty, Gloria and Melman. They like each other a lot, and help each other out.



Alex is a very good dancer, and does this a lot in front of the Central Park Zoo guests.


One day, Marty wanted to leave and head for the wild. Alex didn't agree with Marty, because he loved his life so much. Marty makes an effort to take the train to the wild, but Alex, Gloria and Marty follow him. On the station, people are scared, and the animals get hit by tranquilizer darts. Animal activists say that the animals should go back to their natural habitat. And so on, the animals head to the wild. Unfortunately, their boxes fall off the ship, and in the ocean. They float off to Madagascar.

When arriving there, Marty is happy to be free, but Alex wants to get home as soon as possible. Alex becomes very hungry, because he didn't eat for days. Alex doesn't realise that steak is flesh from animals. Alex gets crazy because of his hunger.

Then Alex barricades himself in the area of the predators on the island. Mary follows him, but is attacked by the Fossa. Alex saves Marty.

Later, the Penguins give sushi to Alex, to statisfy his hunger.